Welcome to the Social Therapy Centre for Young People


    Our Centre aims to provide professional sociotherapy and education for children and advocating best practices. We hope to  grow through strong collaborative relationships and community integration.

    Social Therapy Center for Young People No 8 was established in 2008 as a governmental institution which provides educational and therapeutic services for children with social and psychological problems. Some of them have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  (ADHD ) or Fetus Alcoholic Syndrome  ( FAS ). We are part of a network of institutions which activities  are based on Polish Education Law.  Our Centre consists of a Primary School ( No 349 ) and dormitory.

    Every year we work with a group of over 30 children and their families. Every child and his family  is supported by our professionals: socio-therapists, psychotherapists, psychiatrics and psychologists.  We provide individualized treatments for each child and specialize in working with children within the family context.


Special Programmes:


- Social Skills Groups

Weekly small group programme for children struggling to make friends, identify emotions, initiate and maintain conversations, identify stress triggers, and use effective coping strategies.

- Cooking activities programme

Weekly small group programme for children by which they can learn how to cooperate, how to cope with stress and have fun cooking together.

- Sports programme

This programme helps children stay active, meet new people, and learn new skills. It may even introduce them to a lifelong passion.

- Reading books programme

This programme prepares and motivates children to read books systematically and improve their reading abilities.

- Increasing knowledge about the world I increase knowledge about myself

A programme in which children can learn tolerance, acceptance, increase  basic knowledge about other countries, cultures and religious.


Re- education care

Develops a better fit between the child and the environment through the use of positive behavioral support aimed at teaching cognitive and behavioral skills while providing individualized instruction.


    Our school helps children achieve their potential, as well as  to attain academic and social success. It provides professional behavioral health services through teaching, counseling, case management, one-to-one and group behavioral support. By providing emotional support and positive structure and reward systems, our dedicated professionals help children achieve academic and create healthy relationships with their peers.
    The school helps children succeed by working within a school environment and preventing them from missing out on their educational experience. With an array of programs offering preventative services, specialized classroom environments and growth programmes, the focus is on academic and social success, as well as reintegrating children back into a traditional classroom environment.

Family Support Services

    The mission of our Centre is not only to provide educational and therapeutic services for our children, but to further enrich the lives of children by giving support to their families.  Our role is to help carry out that mission by providing the practical support and compassionate encouragement  parents need to bridge the gap between them, their children, social services and social therapy institutions such as ours.



Social Therapy Center for Young People No 8
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